Multipresa 5 posizioni controllata via IP mediante interfaccia web browser (in inglese) internet o wap.

5 way Power Distribution Unit.
Controlled via IP with integrated webbrowser.
PDU outlet strip is controllable via internet (or WAP) to be switch on or off. Due to Ethernet interface it can be connected with each commercial switch or DSL-router. One master and two slave connectors can be regulated by the integrated web server.
In particular it is convenient, that the IP-PDU recognizes a consumer switching on a monitor and thereupon other electronic equipment like a computer are switched on.
In case of power outage the current switching status is saved and immediately reconstituted, as soon as power will be available again. Re-programming is not necessary.

• One master and two double slaves connectors.
• Including integrated web server which makes the intuitive configuration possible.
• Administration of multiple users with different access rights.
• Memory-function in case of power outage and independent reconstitution of the current switching status as soon as power will be available again.
• The IP–address for the socket outlet can be configured determined or dynamically via DHCP-server.
• Solid, anodised aluminium profile.
• Outlets at 35° angle, with nickel plated earth contacts.
• 2 m H05VV-F3G1.5 mm 2 with moulded right angle german type plug, double earthing.


Con questa multipresa si possono accendere o spegnere dei dispositivi tramite internet o WAP.

La multipresa si connette allo switch o al router tramite il connettore RJ45 8 poli.

Con un connettore shuko master e due connettori shuko slave.

In caso di mancanza di corrente viene mantenuto lo stato delle cose quando ritorna la corrente.

Con web server incluso.

Amministrazione di utenti multipli con diverso diritti di accesso.

L'indirizzo IP della multipresa puo' essere configurato dinamicamente attraverso DHCP-server.

In alluminio. Prese e spina shuko.